No one gets to the Olympics without a coach, why would you try to live your best life without one?

What is the Integrative Coaching™ relationship like?
The Integrative Coaching™ relationship is unique because of the propriety processes used to bring to the surface the unidentified beliefs and commitments that are preventing you from having what you want. Integrative Coaching is emotionally interactive and clients learn to access their inner wisdom while experiencing a level of support that empowers them to clarify their goals and create lasting change.

How does Coaching Relationship take place?
Integrative Coaching™ is done through thirty to forty minute weekly telesessions that take place at a mutually agreed upon time. The initial coaching relationship requires a four-month commitment. Since coaching is via telephone, the sessions are globally accessible.

Who hires an Integrative Coach?
People from all walks of life and from all fields hire Integrative Coaches. They are the people who desire to live their life to the fullest and who are ready to know themselves on a whole new level.

What happens after four months?
After the initial four months, clients may elect to continue coaching on a month-to-month basis or to enroll in another four-month commitment.

How much does it cost?
Monthly fee of $520.00 covers weekly sessions, homework and email support.

What is the Integrative Coach’s Commitment?
Kathleen will provide a safe and supportive place for you to connect to your inner wisdom and access the highest aspects of yourself. She will hold you accountable to your vision and will support you in developing weekly action steps that will lead you to success. With a commitment to hold you to your highest, she will support you in realizing your heart's desires.

What is the Clients Responsibility?
To call Kathleen for each coaching session, complete self-generated action steps and other assigned homework.

When is the right time to hire an Integrative Coach™?
When you are ready to take action to create all you desire.

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