What is Integrative Coaching™?

Integrative Coaching™ is a process for transforming your life that was developed by Debbie Ford, New York Times #1 best-selling author, seminar leader and creator of The Shadow Process Workshop. Integrative Coaching™ translates her life’s work into programs and coaching processes that are emotionally interactive, results oriented and globally accessible. This unparalled method of coaching reunites you with your deepest desires and reveals the unique "blueprint" leading you to the life of your dreams.

Integrative Coaching™ gently guides you back to your inner wisdom and supports you in creating deep inner and outer changes. In a safe environment, using proven tools, empowering feedback, clear support and heartfelt inspiration, it will assist you in your personal transformation.

Our Philosophy

Integrative Coaching™ is based on the belief that every emotion or impulse is perfectly human, and that we ourselves have the power, the answers and the ability to change our own lives. This coaching process guides us to uncover, to own and to embrace the very parts of ourselves that have limited or prevented us from manifesting our desires. By going deep within ourselves and working there, we are freed to leave the past behind and to create the life of our dreams.

The Institute of Integrative Coaching by Debbie Ford™ is based on the core belief that transformation occurs when we discover the gifts and extract the wisdom of our life’s events; when we achieve a fundamental shift in the way we view ourselves, others and the world.