Some of the benefits of working with an Integrative Coach are:

  • Learning to access and trust your own inner wisdom and make lasting life changes.
  • Clearing the path so you can effortlessly attain your personal goals.
  • Distinguishing and unblocking the underlying commitments that prevent you from manifesting your desires.
  • Unleashing your self-confidence to create a powerful future.
  • Learning to love and honor all aspects of yourself.

What Kathleen’s clients say about their coaching experience?

"I have done other sorts of therapies and workshops and they all have added something to my life. They have helped me with the understanding of where my problems have come from and in a general way what I needed to do to make things better. However, they provided no new tools or ideas to make a real change – the means of support was always missing . . .. If there is one word that I could use to sum up the my coaching experience with it is . . . hope, a realistic hope that I can grow away from my past and into a magnificent future, all the while I can be myself . . . at all times. Thank you Kathleen!"

- CJ, Men’s Fashion Designer

"It’s a way to call yourself on your own bullshit . . . "
- CM, World Champion Athlete and Entrepreneur

"Coaching transformed my relationship with my teenage daughters, suddenly I could take back my projections and interact with them on a whole other level. I have been able to tap into qualities in myself that I had long forgotten, the changes are permanent and supported me in successfully making new career choices."
- Special Education Teacher