Kathleen Griffiths supports people in discovering their authentic selves allowing them to achieve rewarding and fulfilling career paths, build harmonious minds and bodies and create loving relationships.

Kathleen became a Certified Integrative Coach Professional in 2002 and a Certified Master Integrative Coach™ in 2003. She is also an Essentials for an Extraordinary Life Certified Coach and Teleclass Leader™. She has a degree in Business Administration from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Upon graduation from college, she was hired by Xerox and began a sales and marketing career that took her through the technology boom of the 1980’s and early 90's.  During the last ten years, she and her husband built a successful technology staffing and software development firm that reached $8 million in sales and employed fifty people.  Her clients included prestigious financial services firms such as Goldman Sachs, JP MorganChase, and Citigroup, to name just a few.

Her journey of re-discovering herself began when she happened to see #1 New York Times best-selling author, Debbie Ford on The Oprah Winfrey Show.  Intrigued by her message, she bought Debbie’s book The Dark Side of the Light Chasers. The book resonated with her.  Was it indeed possible to find the gifts in all aspects of her, even the ones she so longed to get rid of?  What did her constant negative chatter cost her in energy and time?  How did it affect her wellness? How could she better appreciate the many innate, positive aspects of herself, the ones she dismissed as inconsequential? What more could she contribute to her community, to her family life and to her work life if all her energy was used in an inspiring way?
So began Kathleen’s celebration of embracing all of who she is. Six months after reading Debbie’s book, Kathleen attended one of her three-day workshops called The Shadow Process. It was transforming and opened up so many possibilities for her that she stepped back and really looked where she wanted to go next in her life.  She enjoyed this process of growth so much she began the Certified Integrative Coaching program so that she could share this work with others.   Her expanded enthusiasm for life allowed her to train to become a Registered Yoga Instructor.
Kathleen is the mother of three perfect sons who bring her joy and wisdom every day. Having achieved success in the traditional business arena, she finds it is now time to express herself along a different path in order to complete her authentic self.  She is open, loving, and gregarious and looks forward to hearing about your inner knowing that there is something else out there for you; some new place to which you know you must go.  
Let's tap into your inner wisdom and put your "knowingness" into action steps that will finally allow you to experience and be your complete authentic self.  Within four months, you will know and love yourself more than you have ever imagined - this gift you give yourself will make you certain that you have magnificent gifts to share with the world!